JULY 2019​​​​​​​
Σmotion is a cross-modal and multi-sensory movement piece. The intention is to tell a story through scent, creating a change in sensory perception. It is also an example of synesthesia in various forms. In collaboration with six dancers, we juxtapose scent, light, colour, sound and costume design, introducing scent in tandem with these sensory mediums. The dancers will be in a state of immersion themselves. Their own body heat along with the friction from the scents placed on their skin and fabric releases a fragrance that operates on a physical, physiological as well as a subconscious level. A discourse on its own, on the different emotional states a person goes through in any given moment. Each dancer has a corresponding colour and scent, complementary to their movement and to each emotion. Each soundscape was specially created for each emotion and heavily influenced by the scents represented. 
The audience has the chance to be a part of the performance, breaking the observer/observed dichotomy, furthermore creating an all-encompassing, fleeting and participatory art experience. By placing the audience at the heart of the performance, we try to convey vulnerability through proximity, immersion through multi-sensory juxtaposition. Connection through conscious transcendental meditation.
Through the emotional bond between the dancers and the participating audience we have Σ, the sum of all variables, multiplied by motion, in this case scent, sound and dance, creating connection, vulnerability, openness, an engaging communal experience. 
Senses represented: scent, touch, sound, sight, time. ​ Artistic mediums : Olfactory Art, Performance Art, Soundscape, Interpretive Dance . ​ ​ 
Materials used: Essential oils, aroma molecules, cotton fabric, projections.
With the support of Conseil des arts de Montréal
Artists involved: Dana El Masri, Frédérique Dumas, Lunice, Talia Rimpel, Jaleesa 'Tea Leaf' Coligny, Céline 'Ezeec' RIchard-Robichon, Ja 'Jigsaw' James Britton-Johnson, Jean-Édouard 'Sangwn' Pierre Toussain, Jonathan 'J-style' Mukoma
MAY 2019
In collaboration with photographer Candice Pantin
Photographer Candice Pantin and Perfumer Dana El Masri co-present PALETTE, a multi-sensory and immersive exploration of the female form in all its luminous shades.

This collaborative effort illustrates the creative magnitude of when two women of colour from variant life experiences and backgrounds unite to create a novelty art work.

The combination adds a new dimension to the visual medium, creating a multi-sensory experience that blends sight and scent, fragrance and figure.

PALETTE provides a sensory insight into the female gaze and will be a feast for the senses.
MAY 2019
I Know How The Flowers Sound 
Scents complimentary to dance piece by Emilie van der Waals.
'I Remember How the Flowers Sound' is a performative journey through the phenomena of scent.This choreography is inspired by how smell has the power to trigger nostalgia in its different forms, with the support of live musicians and projected visuals to create a homey, yet immersive atmosphere.
An exploration on how to engage the audience's sensory capacity,
which we more often neglect than embrace in this quick, advancing audio-visual world of ours.
Artwork by Nishita Aswani
JUNE 2018 
Metal Fingers Deconstructed: Select Special Herbs 
Solo exhibition featuring scent & sound showcased through the selection of raw materials, each representing special herb titles from MF Doom's 'Special Herbs' compilation album. 
Montreal, Quebec
MAY 2018
Scent and Society: MENA
The IAO joined forces with independent perfumer and writer Dana El Masri to present a series of workshops, talks, happenings and events exploring the multiplicity of traditions – and modern interpretations – of aromatic practices in the Middle East and North Africa.
Scent is a strong focal point in languages and cultures from MENA, and is deeply embedded in almost every aspect of living. Dana El Masri collaborated with artists, poets, and thinkers to lead an exploration of the roles of scent from regions and cultures as diverse as Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, the UAE, Oman, and others. Over the course of the month, we presented this broad look at the history of Arabic scent culture through hands-on workshops, historical and cultural talks. Artists invited to participate were Susu Attar and Omar Offendum
*Dana has also served as a judge in the Artisan category for the AO Awards in 2016 & 2017, 2020 & 2022.
Sweden/New York/MIT Hacking Arts, Boston.  
A multi-sensory pod incorporating 7 senses to reduce stress, built for a kinder world.
OCT. 2016
Art collaboration with artist Marion Colomer.
Scent of juxtaposed beauty and morbidity, embedded in rope. 
Arlington, VA, United States

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