Signature scent for brands (commercial) - micro-scale manufacturing (currently not taking new projects)
Art projects & installations, including work for/with museums.
Cross-modal collaborations.
Bespoke personal perfume (on request) (currently not taking new projects)
Price varies per project. 
Multi-sensory installations, synesthetic performances, and whatever the imagination can conjure. Include scent to complement another medium, adding an invisible yet highly effective dimension. 
Price varies per project.

One hour consultation on technical aspects of perfumery and/or fragrance marketing, cultural understanding, fragrance families, perfume curation.
Starts at 135$/hr

One on one or small group (up to 3 people) classes. Covers the use of essential oils, perfumery basics, Q&A and more. Each class is specifically crafted for the student. Please come prepared with questions.
Price varies based on what materials we choose, what the student is looking to learn, and the duration of the class(es). 

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