Dana El Masri is an Arab perfumer & interdisciplinary artist. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Concordia University, and classically trained at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery. She is the creator & founder of Parfums Jazmin Saraï; a collection of perfumes inspired by songs and synaesthesia. 
Dana’s work revolves around the connections between scent, music & culture - in the form of custom creations and olfactory installations, Dana has worked with fellow perfumers, musicians, lifestyle brands, hotels, and art spaces, giving her invaluable experience in cross-modal practices. Her focus is on the importance of the role of scent in social interaction, on public education about the world of scent, and to bring perfumery as a form of artistic expression to the forefront. 
Dana completed a residency at the Institute for Art and Olfaction (IAO) in Los Angeles, 2014. She is a published fragrance writer, the winner of both the Literary Award for ‘Reflection Eternal’ in Odou Magazine in London, 2015 & Perfumed Plume for ‘Flower Power’ in Reorient Mag & Cafleurebon in 2016. 
Dana has also been a judge in the Artisan category for the Art and Olfaction Awards for two years in a row. (2017 & 2018). Dana‘s latest projects include two new perfumes in the Jazmin Saraï collection, inspired by the Middle East as well as sensory education workshops for kids and adults alike. As well as a scent & sound exhibit inspired by MF Doom, cross-modal collaborations in photography and a multi-sensory movement piece involving hip-hop dancers and musician Lunice.

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