OCT-NOV 2021
Ahmosi and AmuN
One evening, Ahmosi was visited by the god Amun, who made himself recognizable by his godly aroma. Upon waking, Ahmosi recognized the God. As the story goes, "his love passed into her limbs, which the fragrance of the god flooded; all his odors were from Punt." The result of this olfactory union was the conception of the second female Pharaoh, Hatshepsut. (Memphis, Egypt)
Artist Statement
Capturing the moment between the god Amun, disguised as Thutmose I (Thutmosis), and Ahmose (Ahmosi) as they unite to create Hatshepsut. A spiritual connection, a moment hidden from the light, only to create light, joined for peace. An ancient chamber flooded with scent, narcotic yet ascendant, invisible yet denotes divine presence.
Notes include blue lotus, chamomile, marjoram, black cumin CO2, cinnamon bark CO2, and labdanum.
New York
MAY 2021
"I Am from here, je suis d'ici" EXHIBITION
Self Discovery, Smell Portrait
Montreal, QC
In collaboration with Artist & Educator Dana Prieto.
Words from the artist: 
Spoil is a sensuous multidisciplinary meditation on the unsettling material remnants of colonial extraction in the hands of Canadian corporations. This olfactory installation brings forward deep smells of volcanic earth from around "Bajo la Alumbrera" mine, blended with sharp notes that resemble the most harmful contaminants instilled by gold-mining operations: arsenic and cyanide. This work will be a part of "Grounding" curated by Maya Wilson Sanchez from September to December 2020 at the Art Gallery of Guelph. 
Rich mineral soil, terracotta, geosmin, plant matter, gun powder, apricot pits, unripe peaches, bitter almonds and garlic flowers. 
Guelph - Toronto - Montreal
JULY 2017
Shim El Yasmeen - Smell the Jasmines - شم الياسمين 
Scent Installation exhibited as part of ‘Take Care of Yourself’, curated by Sundus Abdul Hadi
Materials Used: Jasmine Grandiflorum, Jasmine Sambac, Stephanotis, Jasmine Absolute India 10%, Wood Panels, Cotton, Silk, Wires. 
Montreal, Quebec
FEB 2016
Stichting Mediamatic - Odorama - Synesthesia - Showcasing Artist/Exhibitor
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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